Data protection

The general data protection provisions of Daimler AG apply. Data protection is guaranteed. By taking a test drive you agree to us using your personal contact details (e-mail and postal address) before and after the test drive to inform you about EQ, smart and other products of Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG. You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to

Conditions of participation

By registering for a test drive, you agree to the following conditions of participation:

Test drive organiser: this is a promotion of Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG, organised by JEFF Zürich GmbH.

Eligibility to participate: Participation in a test drive is voluntary, free of charge and independent of the purchase of any goods and services. It is open only to individuals aged 18 and above, with full legal competence, who hold a valid category B driving licence and are resident in Switzerland. The promotion will commence on Saturday, 9 June 2018, and end on Sunday, 10 June 2018.

Participants (male/female) who have definitely confirmed their participation are obliged to arrive at the starting point of the test drive on time.

These conditions of participation and the entire legal relationship between the participant (male/female) and Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG are governed exclusively by Swiss law.
To the extent permitted by law, Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG does not accept any liability and responsibility in connection with the test drives and the organisation and carrying out of the test drives. In particular, Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG will not assume any liability for technical failures of the website and the network servers or for hardware faults, viruses, bugs, programming errors and other transmission errors that are beyond its control.
Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG reserves the right to make changes to the test drives or the order they are conducted in at any time. Although Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG makes every effort to ensure that all the information on this website is correct, it provides no guarantee as to the accuracy of that information. Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG does not accept any liability as to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on this website.

Further provisions: all decisions are final.

In addition, the organiser reserves the right to exclude participants (male/female) from the test drive if abuse and/or breaches of these conditions of participation are suspected or detected, or if there is another good cause for doing so. The organiser is entitled to make changes to the test drive mode at any time and to suspend, discontinue or prematurely terminate the test drive at any time where there is good cause for doing so.

Legal notice

These test drives are a promotion by
Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG
Bernstrasse 55
8952 Schlieren

If you have any questions about the test drives, please contact